Wildside Kit for the Win!

Austin Paulson weighed in about what his favorite props were to use with groups, and without a doubt, the Wildside Kit came in at number one. Inside or outside, lots of space or not much at all, it's not a surprise that our trainers turn to this prop for many of their programs.


  • My go-to portable prop is the Wildside Kit. It is our most versatile, actively challenging, and easily modified tool that can bring to light a team’s learning outcomes. It can be briefed and physically set up in many configurations and can even be enhanced with other common gymnasium products like hanging ropes, adjacent climbing walls, and basketball hoops. Throw in a few more props like a crutch, rope, hula hoops, etc. and your imagination is the only limitation.
  • My favorite publication/activity is Zoom and Re-Zoom. These picture books can be used in several ways simple and complex.  Many of my training, technical and team-oriented, focus on gaining perspective and knowing when to zoom in on a detail or out on the big picture. When training with complex technical systems or having challenging conversations with others, Zoom creates the perfect visual metaphor. I find that the activity, when done early in a training day, creates a common language that the group members refer back to consistently throughout the training.


It's great to hear about what works best from the folks who are out there using the products. Their feedback can be useful when planning curriculum and budgeting for the year.

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