When A Course Inspection Is More Than Just A Course Inspection

BEVERLY, Mass. Apr. 24, 2017


Sometimes it’s difficult to put into words all of the “things” we are capable of doing at Project Adventure. We could say the basic: “we build and install challenge courses,” “we write curriculum for physical education and health and wellness classes,” or “we do team building,” or… The list could go on, but those “things” we do don’t even fracture the iceberg of our organization’s work. Our doors to innovate the experiential education field through the use of adventure opened in 1971, and 46 years later, we’re still innovating and finding new ways to affect more lives because that’s what we want: to provide opportunities for lasting positive growth within communities.


So, to make that change, we use adventure and the concept of challenge by choice. We love seeing our participants engage with the struggle of learning and come out with a smile on their face and the knowledge of how to spread that positive energy to effect even greater change. Even though we use adventure in the classroom or on the ground, it’s the adventure in the air that some people look forward to the most. We know that the high elements are a lot of fun and require building trust, so everyone gets the most out of the experience, but we also know that they need careful and routine maintenance and inspection. Providing a safe environment is by far the most important thing about the work we do whether it’s on the land or in the trees.


You would think that while we’ve built many challenge courses for many clients, that it’s all part of a day’s work, but that’s not the case. Every site is different, and we purposefully design each course with the goals and objectives of our clients in mind. We take into account the clientele that will use the course and craft elements to make sure that anyone who wants the adventure has the chance to experience it. Such is the case with the work we’ve done with the for the Connecticut Burns Care Foundation for the Arthur C. Luf Children’s Burn Camp.


Susan Howard, the Connecticut Burns Care Foundation Administrator, wrote, “One of the greatest and most anticipated feature of burn camp is our ropes course. We have seen great results in boosting the self-confidence of the kids who learn the value of teamwork and overcoming obstacles. This ropes course would never have happened if it was not for the dedication of the Project Adventure team. Each year they do what is necessary to keep our inspections up to code and the course fun and safe. We want only the best for our campers; therefore, we trust them completely knowing the course will always be tip-top. Thanks PA for keeping the smiles on our kids’ faces!”


It’s amazing to think of all the hours that go into the design and installation of a challenge course, but when we know who we’re working for, time isn’t a factor. It validates our mission to see these kids enjoy themselves and accomplish the goals they set and didn’t think could achieve.

Project Adventure