Women’s Lacrosse Team Strengthens Team Unity At Project Adventure

BEVERLY, Mass. Apr. 11, 2017


The female athletes from the Westhampton Beach High School lacrosse team visited our challenge course in Beverly, MA to discover another level of grit and how important it is to keep moving forward even when it seems impossible. Being in high school has its set of difficulties, and add to that the stress of maintaining grades to be eligible for weekly games and then planning for life after graduation. For all of the uncertainties life holds for these athletes, there are a few things these women can count on: the importance of facing challenges head on, supporting each other when things get difficult, and not giving up on yourself or others.


Our facilitators put these women into situations that tested each of them in unexpected ways and encouraged them to stretch their comfort zones. Regardless of the challenge, they were all able to persevere and have a strong sense of team unity at the end of the day. Grit is more than just the ability to see a task through to the end; it’s the experience of learning through the process, having the courage and endurance to finish something that is difficult, and understanding that no matter the outcome, it’s the quality of your character that matters the most. After having this mid-season team building experience at Project Adventure, these athletes will be ready to take on their remaining opponents without fear of letting each other down.


Project Adventure