Providing Personalized Experiences Through Technical Trainings​

BEVERLY, Mass. Apr. 20, 2017


The sun is out and that means so are our trainers. The energy is high in the building and on the course and it’s a direct reflection of our enthusiasm to bring innovation and excitement for learning to all of our participants. It was after our last Advanced Skills and Standards (ASAS) that the trainer for the workshop, Austin Paulson, took a moment to reflect on the learning experience and the importance of making sure challenge course professionals are up to date with their trainings.


The ASAS workshop just completed this week, and it was a real pleasure for many reasons. The small group allowed for a very personal approach to instruction that often does not happen in large groups. Project Adventure (PA) does an excellent job setting reasonable ratios of trainers to clients so that we get to know each other well. As in this case, this translates into being able to motivate each other to attain a high bar of performance. In this workshop, we were able to identify the particular learning styles and desired outcomes of each participant and teach (peer and instructor) to that style. Knowing how to tie a knot in many different ways builds a teacher who can reach students in many different ways. Our ASAS team quickly recognized this and interacted in a way that capitalized on this learning approach. Our group was also committed to moving through content thoughtfully and efficiently to make the most of our time. Given our efficiency and focus, we were able to have time for several repetitions of complex rescue systems to solidify our technical abilities and to have extended conversations about our industry and organizational best practices.


Our training participants appreciated Project Adventure’s long time status (original members) as an accredited Professional Vendor Member (PVM) of the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) and that PA staff have participated on the ACCT Board of Directors, Standards Committee, and other working groups. It says a lot to have these standards back up our training and products. Because of this, the ASAS group was confident with their skills needed to go back to their programs with a high-quality technical experience and new ideas about professionalism and moving the quality of our programs forward.


It’s always exciting to watch participants discover something new about their learning and to know that they’re walking away from the course with a stronger technical understanding about how to safely operate an adventure program.


Project Adventure