Staying Current With A Technical Training Pathway​

BEVERLY, Mass. Apr. 14, 2017


So you got a notice after your course inspection that asks if you booked your training. You might ask yourself, “What training? Why? You just said my course passed so why do I need to send people to workshops?” These are all valid questions, and the answers aren’t always obvious until you participate in a training with our certified trainers at Project Adventure.


Our trainers are ACCT certified, Practitioner Certification Level 2 or higher, and have a passion for educating everyone who walks onto the course with the most current understanding of Standard Operating Procedures and how to improve their technical knowledge of course elements. Over the past week, the Technical Skills Intensive and the Advanced Skills and Standards workshops, as well as the Practitioner Certification Exam offered insight into the reason why training is so important at every site and to every individual operating a challenge course. We had people from a variety of organizations and roles within those organizations, take this series of trainings so they could go back to their programs, better informed and ready to assume a new and greater responsibility with their staff.


MB Buckner, Laura MacDonald, and Austin Paulson worked hard with workshop participants to learn from one another and to make sure everyone walked away from the course at the end of the day with a better understanding of why it is so important to stay up to date in an industry that creates a safe learning environment for all of its visitors. Facilitating groups on a challenge course isn’t just about tying knots and checking harnesses. Being a facilitator means that you know what to do in challenging situations that might require a cut away rescue or a belay escape while still maintaining a clear head and keeping everyone safe.


So, back to that course inspection. Your cables and ropes may have passed the test, but it’s important that your staff does, too and that they learn from professionals that helped write the industry standards. The wealth of knowledge that MB, Laura, and Austin bring to the trainings is something that everyone in the industry should experience.


Project Adventure