Spring Cleaning - Love It or Hate It?

18 April 2019 


It’s about that time of year when you think about going through your closet, looking through your clothes, and making the “piles” you know you’ll do something with later. You know the piles: keep, donate, trash. 


Or maybe you don’t focus on the closet; you focus on the actual cleaning - the dusting, the wiping, the moving of the furniture that has now left imprints so deep in the rug that you’re not sure if it’s still rug or if it’s become the sub-floor at this point. 


Let’s not forget the mental cleaning! It’s just as important as the rest. Give yourself a fresh headspace by cleaning out those negative thoughts that weigh you down, cloud your thinking, and prevent you from being the best version of yourself. Treat yourself to 45 minutes with a new book but leave yourself extra time just in case. 


And then there are those of you who will do all of that AND take care of your learning spaces. For some, that means your classroom, a supply closet, or a challenge course. Here are a few key things to keep in mind when going through your outdoor equipment. 


  1. Fallen trees and limbs:  Do a walk-through of your challenge course, keeping an eye out for anything that might have come down over the blustery winter months. 
  2. Soft gear:  Hopefully, you stored it in a sealed bin because otherwise, you might find some unwanted furry friends nesting in with your fleece balls or harnesses. 
  3. Wooden platforms:  If you left them out, make sure that they’re still sound—no rot or soft spots. 
  4. Tires:  We made an exciting discovery when our first climber (thankfully, an adult) climbed up our Vertical Playpen a week ago – a squirrel built a nest inside the hanging tire! Both the squirrel and the climber got quite a shock when they encountered each other. 
  5. Consider replacing: Harnesses and helmets from 2008, haul cords (damaged during above-mentioned windy winter storms), and maybe not replace, but refresh your prop selection? 


While spring cleaning isn’t at the top of everyone’s list of things they want to do, it feels so good once it’s done. Let’s just hope you don’t find a squirrel, too! 

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