Salem Gets Creative And Project Adventure Joins The Fun​

SALEM, Mass., Jun. 9, 2017


Historically, Salem, Massachusetts is known for the 1692 Witch Trials, and it’s why people often flock to the city. However, lately it’s been known as a hub for creativity, art, music, and food, and Creative Salem has done a remarkable job being at the epicenter of this movement.


They are currently working on designing Placemaking 289 Derby with the input of community members. Since this space is right downtown, it holds immense potential to create an area where everyone can enjoy the city and reflect on the many talents its residents possess. As quoted from their website about what placemaking will bring to the area, they “are excited to fully harness the energy, creativity, and thoughtfulness of all the many Salem communities, businesses and organizations through an innovative process for park design. This is a new approach to the placemaking process, and these organizations are very excited to redefine the participatory elements of placemaking."


As part of the ‘play’ at their Play and Plan event on June 7, we got to see the various designs for the space and listen to ideas shared by neighbors as well as check out plans for future expansion. One of the best parts of our day is being able to interact with different people and expose them to how learning through adventure is not only fun, but also a creative way to tap into problem-solving skills and bring a heightened sense of self-awareness to how you interact with a challenge. While we had quite a few games planned, the kids showed up and taught us some new renditions with the props laid out before them. Hoola hoops were balanced on each other, poppers were popped into targets, Bacon flew, and the city was saved from a potential toxic waste spill.


We anxiously await the next opportunity we get to join this project in their endeavor to make Salem’s empty space into a common ground for everyone to come and enjoy.


Project Adventure