We offer programs lead by facilitators that are experts in their field, and provide services on the historic Moraine Farm property, designed by Frederick Law Olmstead or virtually for teams working remotely. Your next gathering could be in a setting that offers a retreat atmosphere and an event tailored to the goals of your organization. At every level of engagement, your team will have a transformative experience that will encourage leadership, mindfulness, innovation, and community within your business setting. The options below are just the beginning!

Professional Team Building


Team Bonding (Community Building):

Facilitated, fun team experience for developing deeper connections, trust, and building community. Team bonding seeks to help humanize team members by providing an opportunity to get to know each other outside the confines of the workplace. Team bonding is often celebratory and inspiring for team members. Teams with member turnover, a significant number of volunteers or those looking to more generally foster pride and camaraderie in the workplace, will be well supported by team bonding experiences.​

For organizations looking to foster employee relations and increase workplace harmony...​

Team Building (Skills Development):

Training and outcome-driven team experience for building interpersonal and leadership skills through engaging active learning. Co-creating team operating norms and processes for the workplace is an important common outcome. Team building is an excellent way to rally the team for challenges ahead. These experiences are designed to encourage individual growth and act as a collaboration multiplier for functioning teams looking to increase efficiencies.​

For organizations seeking increased collaboration and functionality within and across departments...

Team Development (Strategic Refinement):

Consultative, business topic-driven experience emphasizing implementation strategies for improving business outcomes. Thorough needs assessment efforts are employed by the consultant to determine specific topics that will be most relevant for the training experience. Team development is intended to build professional capacity and define a direction for individuals and their teams. Teams anticipating significant changes in business climate, restructuring, or retooling can benefit from team development experiences.

For organizations addressing significant structural change...​

We also offer the opportunity to rent our property. We know how important it is for groups to safely meet, and we want to provide that opportunity. Click HERE for more information on our property rental.

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