Thank You, Donors!














30 April 2018


This past Saturday, we celebrated our donors by hosting a day on the course so they could have a first-hand experience of the positive change we hope to bring to schools, youth-serving organizations, and neighborhoods in the area. The days leading up to Saturday were cold, rainy, and nothing that resembled spring, but Mother Nature must have known that we were having visitors on Moraine Farm because she cleared the skies and brought out the sun.


Thanks to our trainers, Greg Urban, Camille Oosterman, Austin Paulson, and MB Buckner, our donors, friends, and family all had a wonderful time balancing on the Catwalk, climbing to new heights and smashing personal records on the Vertical Playpen, and flying across our field on the Zip Line. Whether our donors climbed or remained firmly on the ground as the photographer, their smiles could be seen from the time they stepped foot on our course until well after they left.


We truly enjoy inviting folks to experience what we get to see every day. The students and adults walk away from our time together with a new perspective on their work and role in their communities and we want to share that with everyone who helps make it all happen. Thank you to all of our donors who choose to share our work with their communities. We know that real change comes from experience, and we can be that experience with your help.


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