Project Adventure has been building adventure programs on challenge courses since 1971. Having installed thousands of courses in all 50 states and more than 20 countries, our experience in comprehensive program design is unparalleled in the industry.


In addition to our superlative experience, Project Adventure is the only organization which is accredited by both the Association for Experiential Education and the Association for Challenge Course Technology as a Professional Vendor Member (PVM); this means that in mission and in practice, we appreciate that the best challenge course is one that is intelligently designed to fit the educational goals of your unique adventure program.


When you decide to create a new adventure program with Project Adventure, our Design & Installation Team and our Program Development Team will work in concert with you to:

  • Understand your long-term programmatic goals and your audience’s unique needs.

  • Evaluate the space at your indoor/outdoor site.

  • Design a low and/or high challenge course that supports your goals and fits your space.

  • Install the course on schedule.

  • Provide the staff training, operating manuals, props and equipment to utilize your course effectively and safely.


Design & Installation

More than your challenge course - your Adventure Program. 

When you partner with PA to design your challenge course, you are choosing to partner with the organization that has been leading the market in innovation since 1971. We are honored that most of the low and high challenge course elements that are now standard on challenge courses world-wide were designed by PA, including the Whale Watch, Pamper Pole, Dangle Duo, Team Triangle, and Swing Shot, just to name a few.


We are also proud that many of our products are widely recognized as the best in the industry, including our line of belay pulleys (K1, K2), the Klinesaver shear reduction device, the LEAP Anchor, and the SAFER Lanyard. Our dedication to advancing educational adventure programming is evident throughout our history of innovation, and we guarantee it will be a part of your design.


World-Renowned Innovation

Contact our Program Development Team by phone at 978.524.4554 or by email at to share your ideas about your adventure program vision.

Next Steps

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