Back to School Shopping

Going back to school means new school supplies and activities to use that will engage your learners right from the start. We know that choosing the right activities and props can be difficult and often overwhelming, so we asked our experts to choose their favorites and explain why these items made the list.


Camille Oosterman was quick with her list of must-haves before she heads out with a group. Her list includes rubber rings, Connectiles, and the Wild Side Kit, and here's why:


  1. Rubber rings - they are soft and friendly, just asking to be touched! They are great for activities like Group Juggle, Mass Pass, Sneak Attack, or as objects to retrieve along a Wild Side Kit or with Stepping Stones. And it’s a rainbow!!!
  2. Connectiles - great icebreaker or time filler! Really gets participants’ brains turning and working together. It’s also great that it comes with two sets of two different puzzles, so a large group can all work on part of it at the same time. Great way to start a conversation in a classroom about creating your own!
  3. Wild Side Kit - brings the adventure home! Lifts the level of risk, is visually appealing, so versatile and open to a variety of possibilities! I love that I can set it up differently depending on the level of challenge I want to pose to a group. 


More trainer recommendations are coming, so stay tuned!

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