Project Adventure Completes Innovative, Fully Accessible Ropes Course For The Hole In The Wall Gang Camp​

​Builders and Designers Construct a High Ropes Course So all Children Can Participate





Project Adventure recently completed a high ropes course that will offer seriously ill children and their families at The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp the chance to challenge themselves in an exciting, yet safe, progression of activities. The collaboration was a natural partnership that allowed for the creation of a unique and fully accessible ropes course.


The designers and builders at Project Adventure had the task to construct a high ropes course with elements that were wheelchair accessible and also had the ability to be completed as a team. While this was no easy task, it was one that they took on and creatively built to ensure the ability for everyone at the camp to participate. Included in the design were a Vertical Playpen, a vertical climbing wall, an inclined climbing wall, and a cargo net. While these are all elements that are commonly found on a high ropes course, the access to them is what sets The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp design apart from others.


The builders installed swing arms for universal lift access to the tower so anyone, even campers in wheelchairs, can be raised directly to the top of the tower to increase the accessibility of the course for anyone who wanted to experience it. Not to be left out, the tandem zip lines were installed on two separate hydraulic systems so that participants can be raised and lowered at the push of a button. Matt Loy, Challenge Course Design and Installation Director, said that it was a privilege to work on this course to “forward the mission and vision of the camp. This project involved a number of unique and innovative design features; however, the principle aspect that sets this installation apart from others was the degree of collaboration between Project Adventure and the programming staff at THITWGC.”


Project Adventure continues its collaboration with all clients to provide a product that everyone is happy with and proud of to build a lasting sense of community engagement. Richard Ross, the Executive Director of Project Adventure, believes that working with clients like The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp “helps to continue the innovation of our industry and increase the reach to even more communities.”





















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