Camp - So Much More Than Just Fun And Games​

BEVERLY, Mass. May 18, 2017



It’s camp season!


Whether you’re sending your kids to one, working at one, or the director of one, there are a number of things that are running through your mind. For parents, will the camp you choose be a good fit for your child? Will your child not only have fun but also walk away from the experience having learned something new about him or herself? To encourage campers to enjoy themselves and learn at the same time, directors, are you staff members properly trained? Are they aware of new initiatives to engage campers in leadership roles to take back to their communities? Most importantly, is your staff current with the latest safety standards and procedures?


It’s a lot to think about, so we have been making a deliberate effort over the years to reach out to camp directors and take the training of staff off their plate. Camp Tawonga in northern California is one organization we have worked with who continuously send their staff members to us for training.


Like past years, Director Myla Marks sent her Challenge Course Manager here to take part in our Technical Skills Intensive and Advanced Skills and Standards workshops. “We've been sending our seasonal Challenge Course Managers across the country to attend Project Adventure professional development courses for over a decade. We find that the high quality of PA's trainers and curriculum as well as your beautiful location in Beverly make for an ideal learning environment. Project Adventure is also campy - full of games and play and experienced facilitators from whom even the best educators can learn many teaching gems!”


We’re thrilled to help camps continue their high level of service and engagement to the families they work with.



Project Adventure