Reflecting on Our 2nd Annual SEL Symposium

18 May 2019

There was a lot of activity at Moraine Farm during the month of May. There was so much activity, that it’s taken us a while to really process the many conversations we had with educators and health-care providers. 

Our 2nd Annual SEL Symposium brought administrators, teachers, counselors, and staff from youth organizations together from around the North Shore as well as New England. We started off the day hearing from teachers from the Burlington Public School District about the ways they structure their schedules to include devoted time to practice social and emotional learning skills. Their superintendent, Dr. Eric Conti, made it a high priority for these strategies to be implemented daily and stands behind the curriculum and assessments his teachers use with their students. 

Participants were then invited to choose from six workshops: More Than a Homeroom: Making genuine connections in advisory, Practicing Full Value Using Low Elements, Support and Reinforce Whole-School Initiatives through Physical Education, An Experiential Approach for Improving and aligning SEL Initiatives, Be Here: The full value of cultivating mindfulness in our schools, and Supporting Gender Identity through Adventure. 

Our trainers valued each of their sessions and found it helpful to offer each workshop twice so that more people could take advantage of the workshops. 

"The group of participants I worked with were enthusiastic and motivated. I felt l was surrounded by like-minded educators who are ready and willing to make change happen. After the workshop, I felt inspired and hopeful that the teaching community is stocked with such open-minded leadership and that it has the courage to challenge tradition and authority to protect the social/emotional world of their students."  Cory Grant

"I was taken by the authentic interest and level of participation of the educators in the mindfulness sessions. I was inspired by their desire and willingness to improve the wellness of the entire education community." John Grund

"It was a great opportunity for so many educators from the area and beyond to connect with one another while exploring dual interests in Adventure and SEL. In my workshops, there was a particular interest in how adventure learning and consulting methods are applied not just for instruction but to strategically facilitate better integrated school-wide SEL." Larry Childs

Overall, the participants enjoyed the opportunity to hear from colleagues about best practices and experience different ways of incorporating social and emotional learning into their work. 

"Glad I came because I found value in each segment." 

"Loved the session and hope to return for more programming. Thank you! Great day."

"Thank you all for the valuable information. What a wonderful opportunity to meet and connect with other educators who all have a passion for SEL! "

Thank you to all who attended and be sure to be on the lookout next year for our 3rd Annual SEL Symposium! 

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